4 FANtastic Chicken Rubs

Rub Your Chicken for Summer Grilling

For Some Feisty FANtastic Yum! 

As it gets hotter, it is time to take the heat out of the kitchen – either head out to Feisty Chicken & Grill for fire-grilled 100% chicken – dine-in or take out, or have some fun with your backyard grill!

Among hot dogs and hamburgers, chicken is one of the tastiest foods to make on the grill.

It’s high in protein and low in calories.  And when you marinate, smoke or barbeque, it comes out tasting delicious! (In case you haven’t tried us yet, at Feisty, we fire-grill our fresh chicken with our secret marinade…)

A dry chicken rub builds flavor into every part of the chicken – from wings, to thighs to the entire bird.  Here are some popular rubs you might want to try:

1.  Fresh Herbed Rub – This blends thyme, sage, rosemary, coarse salt, coarse pepper, crushed red pepper and minced garlic.

2.  Jerk Chicken – This kicks up the spices with a tinge of sweetness.  Blend sugar, thyme, nutmeg, cloves, crushed red pepper, allspice and salt to create this rub.

3.  Chili Chicken – For those of you who enjoy more of a kick than our Signature Feisty Sauce; blend paprika, hot chili powder, cumin and dark brown sugar to achieve this spicy taste.

4.  “Beer Can” Chicken – This blend originated in Mississippi.  In the case of truly creating this dish, the chicken is literally cooked over a beer can.  But you can achieve the taste using the rub instead.  There are several variations of this, but one of the original blends for “Beer Can” Chicken is paprika, light brown sugar, chili powder, garlic, granulated onion, cumin and rosemary.

If you have any chicken rub recipes that you would like to share, or ideas on what new flavor of sauce Feisty Chicken & Grill should create, we would love to hear from you!

Join the conversation at https://www.facebook.com/FeistyChickenAndGrill and happy grillin’.


On Our Mark…Get Set…We’re Ready To GO! June 27, 28, 29

Moving past our “soft opening” on April 7th, here we are, very excited and ready to hold open our doors June 27, 28, and 29th for everyone to experience just how Freakin’ Feisty Fantastic we are!

Thank you!

Because of you, during this “soft opening” phase, we’ve learned a lot about our customers. We learned that they:

  • Love the taste of our fresh food – and fully appreciate the flavor of our unique marinade
  • Find our menu easy to understand – On The Bun, On The Bone…
  • Realize the benefit to eating fresh 100% chicken and beef – cooked to order
  • Like to experiment with our sauce caddy and mix up sauces to create their own unique flavor
  • Expect high standards of cleanliness and consistent service
  • Access the free Wi-Fi

At Feisty Chicken & Grill, we want to hear what you have to say; it will only make us better! Through our in-store comment cards, social chatter, reviews, and more important, our customer-to-manager friendships, we can serve your needs best.

So as you see, it’s more than just the taste of the food and the environment that makes your experience a “Feisty Different” one – come on in and experience for yourself!

June 27, 28 and 29th, 2013 we will be officially Grand Opening in all three of our locationsserving two counties worth of hungry guests like you – Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario in San Bernardino County, and Glendora – in Los Angeles County.

Each day, we will be passing out a FREE food sampling, * and featuring 2-for-1 specials on our most popular items. Visit http://www.feistychickenandgrill.com/community/feisty-events for all the details* and community outreach that you can take part in!

So get ready to Cross The Road To Feisty with your family, friends and co-workers! We look forward to seeing you (and listening to your feedback) during our much-anticipated Grand Opening!





Educate Yourself! The FEISTY Difference in Chicken

At Feisty Chicken & Grill, we take pride in serving fresh 100% chicken.

We shout it everywhere – on our posters, menu, website, advertising – that we serve only fresh 100% pure chicken that has never been processed, frozen or bleached – a far contrast to what you may be eating at other fast food chains.

So what is the Feisty Difference, and what does that mean for you, the consumer? 

Before we get to that, you should see how other fast food chains get their chickens from their kitchens, to your tray!  Some fast food restaurants serve mechanically separated chicken. You know, those chicken nuggets and chicken patties (also known as a chicken sandwich at most fast food places) you’ve been eating.

Research processed chicken for yourself

Research processed chicken for yourself

You might want to learn about what you are putting into your mouth – or your kid’s mouths.  Get educated, ask the manager, “Is this chicken fresh and is it 100% chicken breast”? If the response is no, make a run for the nearest exit!

Mechanically separated chicken is where they take the entire chicken – eyes, guts, bones and all – smash it and put it through a sieve-like grinder as seen in the photo above.

It comes out looking like a pinkish paste – almost like a strawberry yogurt.

The chicken is loaded with bacteria, requiring it to be soaked in ammonia, antibiotics and artificial flavorings are added.  Because of the pinkish tinge, the product also is injected with artificial coloring.

By the time this product is served to you in the form of a nugget or patty, it looks good enough to eat so buyer, beware! Do your own research and learn more.

Lucky for you there is Feisty Chicken & Grill.

When you order any chicken meal at Feisty Chicken & Grill you have peace of mind knowing that what you see IS what you get. Our chicken is fresh, 100% fire-grilled on the bone, or grilled 100% chicken breast in our sandwiches. Even our Big Bites – our version of a “nugget” come from fresh, 100% white meat chicken breasts.

Now that you’re educated on the Feisty Difference, you understand that serving 100% vs. processed chicken may cost a few cents more, but now you appreciate why.

So next time you crave some chicken, will you make a healthier choice and choose Feisty Chicken & Grill?


Go On! Dance Like A Feisty Chicken On May 14th

Fire-Grilled 6 Pack Of Feisty Legs, Great For On The Go!

Fire-Grilled 6 Pack Of Feisty Legs, Great For On The Go!

Feisty Chicken & Grill, well just wouldn’t be Feisty without sharing a bit of fun trivia about “National Dance Like A Chicken Day!”

Each month there are several wacky holidays that receive honorable mention and celebration on the calendar.

Have you heard of these? National Escargot Day, No Socks Day, Visit Your Relatives Day are just a few being celebrated this month. But the one that caught our eye is May 14th – Dance Like a Chicken Day!

According to “legend”, The Chicken Dance song originated in Switzerland composed by accordion player, Thomas Werner.  It was originally called “Der Ententanz” – the Duck Dance.  Its popularity took over, especially at wedding receptions and before long the Duck Dance became The Chicken Dance and the variations are popularly featured on YouTube such as this funny version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKLaYDORaGY

On Tuesday, May 14th, 2013, all three Feisty Chicken & Grill locations – Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario and Glendora will be giving away 1 FREE Feisty Leg & Signature Sauce with any purchase to celebrate this Feisty FUN day!

If you’re game, come on in and show us your impression of the dance too! Bring your friends, co-workers, boss, teacher, it will be a hoot to see you on May 14th. 

If you have a funny Chicken Dance to share, visit our website and let us know!

How A New Chicken Brand Got “Hatched”

Feisty Chicken & Grill

Feisty Chicken in the bowl getting Foo Foo (ed) by Jenn

When you have a brand named “Feisty,” you know there is some word play going on behind it. Feisty Chicken & Grill is a new “fastaurant” known for serving 100% fresh grilled chicken, but Feisty is more than just a name – it’s a persona!

Like the taste of your Feisty Chicken Sandwich, Feisty Bowl, or Feisty Legs – Feisty is a little “saucy.” It has spunk, a little edginess.

So here we are, ready to get cluckin’ about our new fast food brand!

Recently on Facebook.com/FeistyChickenAndGrill, we “hatched” our story of how Feisty went from a regular chicken with a common red comb – to a vibrant green-combed spunky chicken!  We wanted to show Feisty’s quest for something different, fresh and 100% – to reflect that we only serve fresh grilled chicken, never frozen or processed.

Just down the road, Feisty got the royal treatment at Pretty Foo Foo Salon & Spa in Rancho Cucamonga. Owner and stylist, Jenn Reinecker, “hatched” the new look as curious on-lookers gathered.


Feisty chicken character came alive in our new television commercials, as did local personalities – real Feisty FANaticsstudents, teachers and business managers from the community. These Feisty FANatics, chatted up the flavors they were cravin’ from grilled chicken with sauces, veggie burgers, burgers with caramelized onions and frozen yogurt, quickly discovering what they were all cravin’ was just across the road.

Feisty Chicken & Grill

FANatics having a fun time with Feisty Chicken & Grill

After a video shoot, some editing, voice-over… it all came together and bam… the start of our “Cross the Road to Feisty Chicken” campaign was hatched!

Keep an eye out while you watch your favorite cable shows on such networks as:  AMC, HGTV, Fox News, E!, Headline News, and you might just catch one of our “Cross the Road” commercials. In case you miss it, they’re on 24/7 on our Feisty Chicken & Grill YouTube channel.

Feisty Chicken & Grill

Hard work makes this couple HUNGRY for Feisty Chicken & Grill

Let us know what you think!

Currently, Feisty resides at our Ontario Feisty Chicken & Grill near the Ontario Mills in the KOHLS and SAMS Club center. Drop in, show Feisty some love and get your picture taken with our green-combed star.

Feisty is getting around town – showing up in Rancho Cucamonga and Glendora as well as Ontario. “Like” Feisty Chicken & Grill on Facebook.com/FeistyChickenAndGrill or follow us on Twitter.com/FeistyCG to see where Feisty might show up.

Be sure to sign up at FeistyChickenandGrill.com to become a Feisty FANatic, and get exclusive coupons, first-hand news, and all things Feisty!

We’re New.  We’re Fresh.  We’re Feisty Chicken & Grill “Saucy & We Know It”.

Why not come in for lunch or dinner today?

Give Your Administrative Assistant A 100% Feisty Fantastic Experience!

Ever wonder where corporate America, even Rancho, Ontario or Glendora would be without Administrative Assistants? 

Administrative Assistants give 100% everyday. They are the eyes and ears of the company or office. Often, the role is also that of office gatekeeper, screening calls, ensuring appointments, juggling duties…

They’re one “chicken foot” step ahead, sometimes working countless hours, to make sure their boss is on top of their game.

At Feisty Chicken & Grill, it’s only fitting that on April 24th, Administrative Assistants gets more than a “thank you”, but rather a box of chocolates, flowers; or tastier yet, treated to a wonderful lunch experience!

You’re in luck – we’ve opened our doors just in time!

Bring your Administrative Assistant out for lunch to somewhere new and different. A friendly place that features a variety of FRESH 100% chicken breast – never frozen, or processed, 100% beef burgers, a scrumptious Veggie Burger and more. Bring your Administrative Assistant to Feisty!

Feisty Meal Deals  Served Everyday

Feisty Meal Deals
Served Everyday

Served daily, Feisty Meal Deals are just $5. You can bring in the whole office for that! Check it out at FeistyChickenAndGrill.com

Have fun experimenting with our unique Signature Sauces to change up the taste any way you want it…you’ll need a napkin!

(We have free Wi-Fi, but let’s give that a break for today.)

Why not treat your Administrative professional to lunch at Feisty Chicken & Grill?

What Feisty Fantastic Things Will You Do On Earth Day?

Keep Walkin' Feisty Chicken

Monday, April 22nd is rolling around and we pause to take time to think of ways we can make our planet a better place to live, (eat!) work and play.

A massive oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, water pollution and destruction of wildlife, rallied support for creating a day to raise public awareness…As a result, Earth Day spawned the Clean Air, Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.

Did you know the most common practice of Earth Day celebration is to plant new trees, but what else can we do on Earth Day in our community?

Let us know your ideas!

If you are promoting an Earth Day event, come pin a flyer on our community board located in each Feisty Chicken & Grill, or share it on Facebook.com/FeistyChickenAndGrill or tweet at Twitter.com/FeistyCG.

We want to know, and want to reward you for doing it!

If you participate in any Earth Day project from Saturday, April 20th through Earth Day, Monday, April 22nd we want to say thank you!

Simply print (or save a tree and show us on your phone) this article and show the manager on duty at any Feisty Chicken & Grill – Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, or Glendora and enjoy a free small cup of Orange Cream Frozen Yogurt* on us! 

Below are simple things anyone can do.

  • Slow the Flow.  Don’t leave water running unnecessarily.  Repair leaky pipes and hot water resources.
  • Green Your Machine. Over 700 gallons of gas are wasted annually because tires are not properly inflated or cars haven’t been tuned.  You’ll save money and reduce pollution when you keep your car running “green.”
  • “Cross the Road” – Walk, Hike, Ride a Bike to Feisty.  Making a short trip around town?  Use your feet, not your car.  By walking, biking – or taking public transportation, you reduce your carbon footprint and thereby air pollution.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Re-cycle. Return plastic bags to recycling bins, bring cloth bags to sack your groceries, donate clothing and electronics to charities.

Got more creative ideas? Share them on our social sites.

* Dine-in only, one per customer, not good with any other offer, discount or promotion. Good 4-20-13 thru 4-22-13 only.